Pollution Sources:
Storm Drains

Salt Lake

Non-Point Source Pollution

Water Pollution
As water from rainfall and snowmelt flows over and through the landscape, it picks up and carries contaminants from many different sources. This is called Non-Point Source pollution. This polluted water ends up in streams, lakes and the ocean by flowing directly in or by going through untreated storm drains. Water also carries pollutants into underground drinking water as it soaks into the ground.

40% of all lakes and streams are too polluted to use for fishing or swimming in the United States. Oil, hazardous toxins and disease-causing agents contaminate waterways and drinking water and can kill people, animals and plants.

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Click the following links for some Best Management Practices that will help you protect your environment:

Washing Cars, Parking Lots, Sidewalks and Streets
Grounds Maintenance, Landscaping and Pools

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