Pollution Sources:
Storm Drains

Salt Lake

Storm Drains

Flows to Ocean
Unlike the water that goes down your drain to the sewer, water that flows into storm drains is not treated and filtered for pollutants. Storm Drain Full of GarbageThis contaminated water flows into canals, into streams and lakes, then ends up in the ocean. Everything other than pure rain water is a potential contaminant that degrades water quality. It's very important that you help prevent contaminants from flowing into storm drains and never pour anything into them. Intentionally pouring water and pollutants into street gutters and storm drains is dangerous to the environment and is also illegal.

Stenciled Storm DrainVolunteer for a storm drain stenciling project in your area by contacting your local government. In Hawaii you can join by calling 527-5699. Permits, paint, stencils and training will be provided.

Click here to find out about other activities that you can do to keep pollutants out of storm drains and keep our waters clean.


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